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Morocco Adventures With My Partner In Crime

Morocco Adventures With My Partner In Crime

One of my favorite adventures with my partner in crime - Morocco, here we come! 2300 KM in 10 Days, Morocco Adventures with my partner in crime. We rented an SUV and we drove all over Morocco. On average, we stayed in one city per night and hit the road again the next morning. We ate some amazing food and met some cool people. This is how you do it 🌎. The adventure with my partner started in Marrakech where we enjoyed the amazing food and a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. The Second stop was Casablanca, which is the busiest city in Morocco. It definitely felt like that! After that, we headed up the coast to Tangier. We visited some amazing national parks with cool caves and stood at the point where the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea meet. We headed up to the mountains to the city of Chefchaouen where all of the walls and the houses are painted blue. It was by far the most beautiful place we have ever been. Our next stop was Fez, the most ancient city in Morocco. We learned about the culture and had the opportunity to meet some really fascinating people. From there, it was a 10-hour drive across the country, a journey through several different climates and terrains directly to the Sahara Desert. We stayed in the Sahara desert for the night, after riding our camels for an hour and a half straight into the Erg Chebbi dunes, near the city of Merzouga. The next day we crossed the crater, through the lost cities and villages that are made out of mud and clay, which have been standing strong for over 1000 years. After enjoying the most beautiful scenic routes in Africa, we toured the famous movie sets on dune buggies to a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Aït Benhaddou. We then wrapped up our trip with a final round at the amazing city of Marrakech. Could not have dreamt of a better way to travel this amazing country!
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