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Where to find the best food at Burning Man? The Flying Falafels Camp

Where can you find the best food at Burning Man? We have it! At the Flying Falafels camp, we host an annual event, where we serve thousands of Falafel balls, Tahini fountains, and our famous Arak drinks. It is a Mediterranean extravaganza. Our gift is the best food at Burning Man, although you may not come to us only for the best food, we also have the best parties.

Burning Man, by the way – revolves around a yearly experimental event in Black Rock City, Nevada, during the last weekend in August, It’s a place where you’ll find the most radical self-expression of every subculture you’ve ever imagined - and those you can’t even begin to fathom - letting loose and thriving as you’ve never seen before, It's mind-blowing.

The Flying Falafels camp has been a home for veteran and virgin burners for the past 7 years, our community includes burners from all over the world. In some of the years, we have joined forces with other camps from Australia and Canada to create villages, making our contribution even bigger.


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