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  • Sarah Palmer

Euronews Feature Article

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Ben Jacoby on EuroNews

Ben appeared recently on Euronews for a Q and A.

On his website, 30-year-old Ben Jacoby describes himself as an adventure seeker, risk taker and entrepreneur.

“I’ve made my life a bit of an experiment, trying to find the best way to live it to the fullest” he says. “I want to push boundaries and test my own human limits. Learn from challenges. And grow. I hope to inspire others who want to do the same.”

His colourful life began in Chicago, was relocated to Jerusalem when he was just three, and has since taken him around the world.

Currently based in LA, California, we manage to catch Ben just before he heads to Atlanta for a weekend of indoor skydiving with friends. We took a closer look into the life of the man best-known for running the fastest 100 metre sprint on stilts.


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