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Pushing Boundaries | TV Guesting at River City Live, News4Jax

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

I had the privilege to be interviewed this May by Eden Kendall on River City Live.

When people hear about what I do, I generally get two reactions at the same time: (1) surprised, that I broke a world record; and, (2) a little bit of disbelief that I did it on spring-loaded stilts.

And to feel like you're flying while you're doing it -- it almost feels like a superpower. Almost. Because unlike superheroes, I don't have that effortless ability. I wasn't born with extreme agility or instantaneous speed.

I had to become an athlete in three months. I have to push the limits of what my body can do - and keep pushing. The surprising thing about it is, my body could do a lot more than what my mind thought it could.

What I've learned is, when you're trying to break your own self-imposed limitations, you've really got to make that mind-body connection and consider every millisecond of the experience.

Why do I do it? To say it as it is, it's so simple. I want to reshape the world. And my way to do it is to live extraordinary.

Eden mentioned that people aren't going to go out and break a world record. But why not? If not a world record, then start a new business, learn a new skill, go on an adventure. There's always a bigger goal out there.

As for me, I'm out to grab my next goal. I'm training to finish the 2021 London Marathon in 4 hours. Yes, on stilts. And, yes, that's 26.2 miles. This time, though, I won't be doing it just for myself. I'll be doing it for a charitable cause.

We can be on this same journey together. Watch updates on my social media accounts and get a glimpse of my life on my YouTube channel. I can't wait for you to join me.

Life, when it's lived well, is a field of opportunities to do extraordinary things. It doesn't matter how obscure, how obvious, how silly it may seem right now. Jump on that challenge. It may get tough, but remember to train hard, play well and see how you feel at the end of the day.


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